Enterprise Network Consulting, Inc. (ENCINC) provides a wide range of services for businesses of all sizes.

Our core areas of specialization are listed below.

Application Development

ENCINC has developed successful products using the right tools for the job be they perl, C/C++, connecting to a homegrown backend, or php feeding truly massive Oracle databases. ENCINC has provided end-to-end solutions and continually exceeded the expectations for the project.

Social Media Optimization

ENCINC has worked with businesses to increase search engine rankings.

Web Development

ENCINC has developed successful static and database-driven web sites using PHP, Java, Perl and Python utilizing standards such as Javascript, AJAX, JQuery and supporting Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Opera and Chrome. solutions and continually exceeded the expectations for the project.

Web Hosting

ENCINC provides unlimited web hosting plans for thousands of customers in its data center.


Time and time again it has been proven that network, system, software and backend security is the most underevaluated aspect of doing business on the internet today. ENCINC has extensive knowledge in the fields of Firewall design and application, intrusion detection, establishing security policy and advanced tool utilization (SecureID, SmartCards, etc).


ENCINC associates have professional architecture and administration level experience with every major flavor of unix used in the business world today. From AIX to HP-UX to Solaris, ENCINC has the tools to architect a winning enterprise, implement it and provide continuing guidance.


From T-1, Frame Relay, Linux to NT LAN management, ENCINC has had the opportunity to work in many spheres of networking and telecommunications.